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Sometimes getting the smile you’ve always wanted takes a little work. In cases where multiple serious issues need to be resolved, a full-mouth restoration is the best course. Thinking about getting multiple procedures can be intimidating, so here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect.

Dental Dialogue

The first thing you’ll need to do is have a detailed talk with your dentist to go over what’s wrong, any pre-existing conditions & come up with solutions.
Your dentist will examine your mouth & pull up any available records for your teeth to get an idea of your history. They will then ask you any additional questions they feel are necessary & provide a diagnosis. Remember, conversation is a two-way street. Be sure to tell the dentist what you want & the two of you will be able to go over what is possible & what treatments will be needed.

Health First

While you might be thinking a full-mouth restoration focuses on cosmetics, the truth is function & health come first. Your dentist will begin with treatments that will bring your bite into alignment & ensure all teeth are restored or replaced as needed. Orthodontics & implants are often the best place to start, along with ensuring good gum health. While these will improve your facial aesthetics, you’ll be smiling more simply by enjoying the simple things in life like eating regular foods & reducing or eliminating oral pain.

Brighten Your Day

Once your teeth are in order & your bite is proper, it’s time to pay attention to the aesthetic of your teeth. Now you’re ready for treatments such as whitening. Depending on what treatment you had first, crown-based procedures like veneers may also come as a later treatment.

Getting a full-mouth restoration is a complex & often time-consuming procedure, but knowing how to prioritize can help you break it down into manageable pieces. Your dentist will provide a detailed treatment plan for you to keep after your initial visit. This will provide a timeline of what to expect & account for any recovery time in addition to treatment times.
While it takes time, getting a full-mouth restoration is a great way for people with severe dental issues to be able to live a more enjoyable life.

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