Metal Crowns Vs. Full Porcelain
By folga
June 17, 2010
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What type of dental crown ("tooth cap") should you have made?


Dental crowns also known as "dental caps" or "tooth caps" can be made from metal, gold or other metal alloys, ceramic materials such as porcelain, or a combination of both. All metal dental crowns. / "Gold" dental crowns.
Some dental crowns are made entirely of metal. The classic metal dental crown is one made of gold, or more precisely a gold alloy. Over the decades a variety of different metal alloys have been used in making dental crowns. Some of these metals are silver in color rather than yellow like gold.
Having a gold dental crown made can be an excellent choice. Here are some reasons why:
A) Because of its physical properties, dentists find gold to be a very workable metal. This characteristic helps a dentist to be able to achieve a very precise fit with the crown.

B) Since they are metal through and through, gold crowns withstand biting and chewing forces well. They will not chip. It would be uncharacteristic for a gold crown to break. Of all of the types of dental crowns, gold crowns probably have the greatest potential for lasting the longest.

C) Although they are very strong, the wear rate of a gold crown is about the same as tooth enamel. This means that a gold dental crown won't create excessive wear on the teeth it opposes (the teeth it bites against). Metal crowns are usually placed on those teeth that are not overly visible when a person smiles (i.e., molars). If you are considering a gold crown take our advice on this point, before you give your dentist the go ahead on making the crown check with your spouse first. They're the one who will be looking at your smile and your new dental crown the most.

Full-porcelain dental crowns.
Some dental crowns are fabricated in a manner where their full thickness is porcelain. These crowns can possess a translucency that makes them the most cosmetically pleasing of all of the different types of dental crowns. Although they can be very life like in appearance, the overall strength of all-porcelain dental crowns is less than other types of crowns. While porcelain crowns were not as strong in the past their strength has improved significantly over the last few years. It has been one of the best ways to improve your smile and have life like teeth.

Some of the advantages of full porcelain crowns:

1. Cosmetic appearance ( very closely resemblance of your own teeth)

2. With metal crowns you can see a dark edge underneath the tooth's gum line however with porcelain crowns you can't because there is not metal.

3. With porcelain crowns you can have translucency and the teeth would look very natural where as with metal crowns there would not be that translucency.

So if you had a choice between crowns that are fused to metal and crowns that are all porcelain wouldn't you choose the one resembles your own teeth more closely. FULL PORCELAIN CROWNS IS THE WAY!!


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